Friday, July 11, 2014

The Rainmakers

It seems I can hardly turn on news without hearing some sad story.  Rarely do I hear something positive, encouraging.

Now, because of a group I joined on Facebook, I can get a daily reminder of the good in this world.  I get to be encouraged by my fellow man's goodness.

I introduce you to The Rainmakers.

My good friend, Captain Awesome, had a friend who was facing a tough situation.  He posted a request and was overwhelmed by the response from strangers to his friend.  So, the next time he heard of a need, he did the same thing.  And was again overwhelmed.

Out of that, this group was born.

The idea is simple.  A need is presented to the group with practical solutions and then the members are free to decided how they want to help.

It's not just about sending money.  It's about reaching out and encouraging.  It's about lifting them up in prayer.  It's about letting the recipient see there are still people out there who care and want to help.

I'm excited to see what this group can accomplish.  I'm excited to see how many lives can be touched.

Won't you join me?  All you have to do is send a message that you're in and we'll get you added to the group.

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