Friday, September 26, 2014

Spicy Smoothie

I have become a smoothie fanatic lately. It's easy to throw some veggies and fruit in a blender and whiz it up and then suck it down. My kids will drink them and they normally stay full longer than twenty minutes so I consider that a huge WIN and they even like developing favorites. So I was really happy the other night when all four of my older kids decided to make a smoothie for dinner while I was busy getting the baby ready for bed. We had all had a late lunch so nobody was hungry for a big meal so a smoothie was perfect! 
They threw in oranges, a few grapes, 4 mini peppers, 3 carrots, some frozen pineapple and a splash of water. Then they whizzed it all together. They were thrilled that the smoothie was bright orange! Then they tasted it and cringed...It was a spicy cold pepper soup and DISGUSTING! 
We tried throwing in more grapes to make it sweeter but nothing worked to overpower those peppers; this was one spicy smoothie. 
The good thing is that my kids like to play in the kitchen and so I'm letting them take over more. 
What about you, do you have some kitchen combos that didn't turn out so well?

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