Friday, September 19, 2014

My Bootcamp Story

While I was still pregnant I bought a Groupon for a local bootcamp. A lot of my SweatPink friends were buying it and we were going to blog about our experience and possibly meet up for workouts. I obviously wasn't going to go until I was cleared to workout so I waited and redeemed my Groupon a few weeks ago. I was super bummed that the 530 am camps were full but after talking with my husband we set up a plan for me to make the 630 pm camps. On the first day I was so excited and somewhat nervous and very frazzled but I got there EARLY! The workout was intense but really good and I was definitely sore the next day but part of me was disappointed...NOBODY talked to me! The trainer came up and introduced herself and told me to watch the other people to see what I was supposed to do and that was it. I went for a week and not a single person spoke to me, I even went up and introduced myself and got a smile and grunt. It was so weird and made me feel as if I was in the wrong place. 
Then, I got an email from a bootcamp that I did in Dallas that they were offering six dollar camps for the upcoming bootcamp. I called my husband and he encouraged me to sign up. I looked at the website and there are TWO camps that meet literally nine minutes from my house and one of them is a 515 am camp. I went the first day and the trainers are so friendly and encouraging! The other campers are outgoing and help push you when you feel like you can't do another Burpee, which is something you need after doing a bajillion Burpees. (Yes, bajillion is a real number). 
I know some people go in and do a workout and don't need friends or people to talk to but for this extrovert, I need that. So that is why I am a Camp Gladiator girl! 
Tell me, what kind of exerciser are you?

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