Friday, February 27, 2015

My Oily Life

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed and I was once again accosted by a list of amazing feats that this person's essential oils had accomplished. 
After reading the list, I decided to share my oil story with all of you. 

I was washing my hair and noticed that it was starting to thin a little. I quickly grabbed a bottle of my special hair blend and applied it; instantly my hair was thicker and apparently the blend helped my focus because I felt super alert. I went in to the kitchen and got myself my morning cup of coffee, I felt like my coffee needed a "kick" so I added one drop of oil to that. Within seconds I was moving like Dash from The Incredibles. "This is amazing," I thought. I was making breakfast and cleaning house in record speed. I even got dinner in the slow cooker AND remembered to turn it on. 
My kids came down and ate breakfast. The boys were quarreling so I diffused my "No Arguing" blend and the next thing I knew my kids were holding hands singing Kumbaya. I love my Essential Oils!!!! After breakfast the kids got up and headed off to the school room, I had my "Focus" blend diffusing in here and school was AMAZING! They all knew their memory work and everybody decided to go ahead and work through the end of their schoolbooks. In fact, my two year old who isn't even in school was reading and quoting Einstein; I'm so AMAZED!!!
Once school was over we had quiet time, again I had my super oils in the diffuser and quiet time was spent in total silence. Normally my kids get up a few times and make a ton of noise but not today!
We then did a quick straighten up before we headed outside to play but today my kids and I had so much energy that we cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and I even had a spare minute to repaint a few rooms that have been bugging me! 
Before we went outside I decided to spray my kids with "Germ Be Gone" so that we wouldn't pick up any stray bugs from the neighborhood kids. Well this stuff is pure amaze-balls and my kids were playing with superhuman abilities. They were running, doing flips, triple spin cartwheels and more! It was obvious that no germs were going to get near these kids! 
Then my husband arrived home from a long day at the office. He was tired and a little stressed out so I took out my spray bottle and doused him with "Long Work Day Get Lost". He was TRANSFORMED before my eyes. He tossed his briefcase down and headed out for a quick 45 mile bike ride that lasted all of thirty seconds; for real!
We then sat down to dinner and talked about our day. I had a mixture of oils diffusing and our conversation seemed inspired. We quickly cleaned up and played a few board games before the kids got ready for bed. 
While my kids got ready for bed, I sprayed their bedrooms with oils so that they would sleep the best sleep of their life and dream of rainbows, unicorns, and gum drops.
So a quick clarification, Lynette and I both love our essential oils and the more that we have learned the more we love them and now we use them way more effectively than we did when we were first starting out. We both use different brands and will NEVER let this blog be about brands.
Personally, essential oils really have helped every single person in our family. My two year old thinks that the lavender bottle is hers and gets mad if she sees anybody else using it. We are careful and respectful of the fact that essential oils are highly potent and need to be used with a "less is more" philosophy."

Tell me, do you use essential oils?


  1. This made me laugh out loud! Glad you can see the humor in some of the things we read on Facebook!

  2. I have heard great things about essential oils. I have had trouble sleeping. Do you have anything you'd recommend for that?

    1. Ronda, I would use Lavender oil. You can diffuse it while you sleep or drop a few drops on your pillowcase.

  3. Oh gosh! I read a few of those types of "testimonials" about essential oils before I started using them. Of course I didn't believe them at all... but now I'm a believer! I've never gotten super human speed or abilities, but I am definitely more focused, stress free and have a stronger immune system because of them :)

    1. I love them too, Jennifer. This post was just being silly.