Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Momma Don't Shake

When Lynette and I first started Mom 4ce we were both Beachbody Coaches. We wanted a forum to help all people and we thought that Beachbody was a company to help us as well. As we grew and learned more we both separately left Beachbody and decided that shakes of any kind just weren't something we wanted to endorse or promote. Don't get me wrong, neither one of us feel that shakes are wrong or bad we just want people to learn to enjoy real food and to understand that food is fuel. 

I, Kelli, get asked a lot what shake I use after a workout. I don't drink a shake post-workout I eat some form of a meal, IF I'm hungry. Today I ate eggs on top of greens and an avocado. This got in protein (a builder of muscle), good fats (they get rid of bad fats) and veggies (cleanse the body and boosts the immune system). I really encourage you to try to get in a small meal post workout, unless you are starving then you should make it a bigger meal. 

I know that there are times that it's easier to whiz together a quick shake and go about your day. On those days, I throw together some Great Lakes Gelatin, water, some greens, and some frozen fruit in the blender and off I go. The gelatin has protein in it is flavorless so all I am tasting is my fruit. By balancing the greens, protein, and fruit I am not getting a sugar rush either! I love playing around with different combos but my favorite right now is Spinach, Avocado, Cherry; all you taste is the cherry! 

What is your favorite homemade shake?

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