Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Our family has become enthralled with all of the flooding taking place around us. As we pray for the many people affected by the storms, rain, floods, tornadoes, and other weather we have become incredibly thankful for our safety. 

Yesterday we had a tornado go down the highway by our house and hit a neighborhood less than four miles from our house. When I am running four miles seems like a pretty big distance but when winds are traveling 80-100 miles per hour, four miles is just a blink of an eye, and yet we are totally safe and unscathed. 

A neighbor down the street had their house struck by lightning. They were all fine and the fire was contained to the attic. I'm pretty sure that my child that is afraid of storms will never be calm during a lightning storm again but again we are all unscathed and so very very thankful. 

On Sunday, we were visiting a church and the pastor was talking about how we tend to forget God's provision when things are rough. He had us write a list of two things that God has provided us with in the last thirty days. Then in thirty days we are to add to that list so that in a year we will have a list of twenty four things to remind us of God's faithfulness. It's so easy to forget ALL of the things that God has provided us when our houses are flooded, or our car breaks down, or when your kids have been sick. However, in the midst of the storm God is always faithful. 

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