Wednesday, May 13, 2015

When I Grow Up

"When I grow up I want to have a dragon army!" 
"I want to be the President and a Navy Seal, maybe a pilot too!"
"I think I'll be a dog."
"I'm going to be a princess!"
This was a discussion that I recently had with my kids earlier this week when we were reading a book about a little boy and career day at school. I really don't remember the name of the book, it was a random book the boys had picked out. 

The conversation twisted and twirled around in a typical fashion that discussions twist and turn with kids ages 10, 7, 7, and 3. By the end the boys had decided to start a band together, own a pet store, and an ice cream shop while the three year old was pretty sure that she was going to be a princess and live with her brothers. They all agreed that the baby would live with them too and she didn't argue with their decision. 

I love these moments, curled up together reading and talking. I love stopping long enough to savor conversations versus rushing through life moment by moment continuously checking off my to do boxes. I've spent the last year and a half doing schoolwork alongside teaching my kids, I had a baby, graduated from IIN, started a health coaching practice, enrolled in another program to specialize my practice, and I struggled to take those moments of lighthearted conversation. 

I wouldn't trade the last year for anything though. I have watched the boys mature and grow sometimes literally in front of my eyes. I've watched my daughter grow and become a sweet big sister. I have realized that my kids are intelligent and dependable. I don't think that I've done anything spectacular on this mothering journey that I'm on. I haven't followed any special rules or outlines in fact I've screwed up more than I ever thought I would. I'm just thankful that my kids show me grace for every time I've messed up. 

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