Monday, April 15, 2013

What motivates you?

Having something that motivates you is a great thing.  It's what gets you out the door, gets you eating better, making healthier choices.

But have you seriously thought about your why?  

I hear so many talking about wanting to lose weight for a vacation or a high school reunion or a wedding...  Those are all good reasons, but what happens once the event is over with?  Most of the weight comes back. You lose your motivation because you no longer have that goal event in front of you.

Why not make you motivation something that isn't event based?  How about your kids, your grandkids?  What about your husband?  

They all deserve a healthier, fitter you.  But, you know what?  So do you.

You are worth the work.  You are worth taking the time to exercise, taking the time to learn how to eat healthier.  

Don't believe that?  Then take some time every day to say it to yourself.  Better yet, print something out with the words "I am worth it." on it and hang it up where you will see it every day.

We are what we continually repeat, so one day, you won't have to try and convince yourself you're worth it. You will know it.  

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