Monday, June 10, 2013

Berger Kid 4ce Interview

Kelli did this with her kids a couple weeks ago, and now my kids wanted in on the action =)

What do you like to do?

Junior (8): Go hiking, hunting, building forts.  Being with my family.
Girly (7): Ride my bike, jump rope and hula hoop.

Squish (5): Play with trains.

Do you like to play video games?  Which ones?

Junior (8): Yes, Monster Jam
Girly (7): Sometimes, if they're girly ones.
Squish (5): I like to play train ones.

Do you play video games everyday? 

Junior (8): No
Girly (7): No
Squish (5): No

What do you like to eat?

Junior (8): Peanut butter sandwiches, bacon, French toast
Girly (7): I like to eat macaroni and cheese.
Squish (5): Pepperoni pizza

What is your favorite snack?

Junior (8): Peanut butter sandwiches
Girly (7): Animal crackers
Squish (5): Animal crackers

What do you want everybody to know about eating healthy?
Junior (8): Eat lots of fruit!
Girly (7): Eat salads!
Squish (5): Eat carrots and broccoli! 

There you have it.  Words of wisdom from the Berger kids.  Sweet Pea was trying to answer the questions for me, but I still haven't gotten my Sweet Pea to English dictionary ;)

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