Friday, June 7, 2013

Welcome Home

It's been a crazy week for me.  Why?  Well, because this is the week that we packed everything up and moved.

But not your ordinary move.  We didn't move into a house.  We moved into a camper.  All our things are in a storage container (except for what we use daily ;)).

This is all part of our plan to downsize and simplify.  We'll eventually build a house.  

My challenge over the next few Fridays is to show you how I manage to feed a family of 6 in roughly 300 square feet of living space.  So you'll probably get lots of crockpot recipes...  Maybe some grilling...  Definitely lots of sandwiches...  

Because it's not just that my kitchen is smaller, but so is my stove and my refrigerator.  And until we get the outdoor kitchen set up, I don't have a lot of space to store food or to cook.  And I have to go back to hand washing dishes.

But on the bright side, I have some million dollar views of the mountains...

Sunset after a thunderstorm

It'll be an adjustment, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.  If nothing else, the kids will have great stories to tell.  

"Remember that summer that mom and dad thought we could live in a camper..."

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