Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Staying Cool

I get asked a lot how I workout when it is so hot outside.  
To be honest, I don't always enjoy it.  
I live outside of Dallas so we are already getting 80 degree days with a bajillion percent humidity.  It is barely June so it will only get hotter.  
In fact this weekend some friends and I were talking about what a mild June we were having. 
I break a sweat by stepping outside, I'm not kidding.  
All of that being said there are some tips that I want to share about staying cool and not getting overheated when you are working out in the summer.  
Tip 1: Drink Water- I know that this is said a lot but drink water, try to drink a gallon.  I know that a gallon is a lot but you need to stay hydrated!  If you don't like water add fruit to your water, or essential oils, or cucumber, or mint leaves!  Right now I am loving water with three drops of grapefruit oil.  It is very refreshing and I am staying hydrated.  
Tip 2: Workout Early- My goal is to run around six-thirty every morning.  (okay fine, I make it out the door by seven-thirty but it's good to have goals!)  The whole point of this is to make sure that I'm not working out in the heat of the day.  
Tip 3: Workout Late- For those that prefer to workout at night try to do it as the sun is going down.  Right now the Mom 4ce workouts start at six-thirty.  That way we are meeting AFTER the heat of the day.  One day last summer I tried to run at five and it was still too hot to run and I ended up getting over heated.  Learn from my mistakes, please don't do what I did!  It is no fun to stop a workout because you are beet red, shaking, and sick.  
Tip 4: Workout Inside- There is nothing wrong with exercising inside.  Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday I go to a Crossfit class.  My favorite spot to be is in front of the giant fan.  I also LOVE to do my workout DVD's under the air vent.  Some people love to run on the treadmill in the summer, if that is you go for it!

So tell me, how are you staying cool in the heat?


  1. Enjoying the Cardio Cinema and the gym. It's a Cinema inside the gym- including: elliptical striders, bikes of both reclined and standard, and treadmills. There's a different movie every day with a schedule on the door for the entire week. It's awesome. Also, hitting the ab coaster and doing superman's and mountain climbers on the half dome with my workout buddy. And, when I'm not working out I'm grabbing an Orange La Croix Seltzer water. Seltzer water is the best. I love carbonation but, apparently not the sugar or caffeine from drinks which was a surprise. I've cut out most of my sodas and converted to seltzer water which is a whopping 140-160 calories from a coke/dr.pepper for each one I'm saving out of my diet when I go for a seltzer water of 0calories. Think I'm doing well. Next, on the agenda to get my nutrition and meal planning taken care of through Lynnette and Kelli. Mom 4ce to the rescue soon.

  2. That's great! So happy to hear of the changes you have made. Keep up the good work and let us know when you are ready for your meal plans.