Friday, September 20, 2013

Banana Love

I was reading the other day about bananas.  What you don't read about bananas?  Okay, we've all just discovered that I'm weird; continue on.

So anyways, I was reading about bananas and I was slightly surprised by what I came across. 

Bananas kind of get a bad rap because they are high in sugar so some people don't eat them when they are trying to lose weight.  I hope that this changes your mind. 

First of all bananas are high in iron so they are great for people that have anemia.  When I struggled with anemia I always had a banana in my purse.  Plus they aren't too messy to eat, unless you are a one year old!

They are also very high in fiber, according to my grandmother they also taste better than Metamucil if you catch my drift. 

Bananas are a high source of fructooligosaccharide, no I did not make that word up.  Fructooligosaacharide is basically an enzyme that nourishes probiotic bacteria in the colon.  They will help you fight of bad bacteria and protect you from illness, this is also one of the reasons you should eat bananas if you are fighting off a stomach bug.

They are also high in potassium, which is great for fighting off growing pains in kids as well as for aiding your muscles in recovery after a strenuous workout.  Eat a banana after you workout and you might not be sore!

The potassium will also help you normalize your heartbeat and regulate your body's water balance.
 For those of you that are worried about the high sugar content in bananas, don't worry about it.  You aren't eating straight table sugar that is processed, this is a piece of fruit with many benefits. 

What's your favorite way to eat a banana?

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