Monday, September 9, 2013

Freese News

We found out in June that my husband was being transferred to Austin.  
Thankfully, we have until January to get there!  This has allowed us to take our time and look around, get to know the area.  
It has also allowed us to feel in limbo, uprooted, even nervous.  
We have taken some great trips to Austin and seen some great houses, as well as some not so great houses!
One of the great things we have been able to do is take a step back from our activities.  We were involved in a LOT! 
Life with no soccer, scouts, and other extra-curriculars has been relaxing.
I got to sleep in on a Saturday morning while all of my friends were headed off to 8 am games.  Don't hate me! 
Honestly, I am enjoying our laid back Fall.  
However, there is this undercurrent of excitement and fear sitting under the surface.  It is there; never leaving, almost tangible; it doesn't cause problems but is just sitting there waiting to take over.  
We are all excited and looking forward to our move.  
However, we are afraid too.  
We don't have a soccer team, piano teacher, running partners, homeschool groups, friends or anything else.  We are comfy and have deep roots.  
Those roots are slowly being pulled out and transplanted.  
It hurts a little; sometimes a lot.
Thankfully I have the ability to research all of the activities we are interested in.  I've even been able to join a few groups and get to know people.  
Now, I just need to find a house, pack, and move.  
Anybody have any moving advice?

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