Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Why Weights?

Last week I debunked some of the myths about women and lifting weights.  This week, I want to tell you why it's important to lift weights and then give you an easy weight workout that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Building muscle has implications on the quality of your life- for your entire life!

The most obvious benefit is an increase in muscle size and strength.  The stronger you are, the easier it is to do things.  

You can change how your body looks!  If you take the same weight of fat and muscle, muscle will take up less space.  

Your body burns more calories in the hours after a hard weight workout than you do a cardio workout.  Even thought the calorie burn during the workout, your body continues to burn calories as it repairs muscle damage.

Weightlifting can help increase your flexibility.  As you take the weights through your full range of motion, your muscles respond like they do during a dynamic warm- up.

Lifting weights increases bone density.  This is especially important as you age- when most people start to lose bone density.

Weight training can help reduce your risk of injury by making your bones, joints and muscles stronger.

With a properly designed (and executed) program, weight training can improve your posture and balance.

Weight training improves strength, body composition, flexibility, bone density... Feeling better and looking better can lead to improved self- confidence.  

And now for your workout =)

Warm- up for about 10 minutes before your start.  Jog in place, arm swings, leg swings...  Some sort of dynamic warm- up.

Then you're going to do 3 sets of the following.

50 walking lunges (25 each leg)
10- 30 burpees (fewer if starting out, more if you've been working out for awhile)
1-2 minute plank
25 squats (add weight if needed)
10- 30 unmodified push- ups (on your toes!  no girly push- ups allowed!)

After 3 sets, cool down.  Easy walking and stretching.

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