Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Affordable Produce

I love fresh produce.  It is a staple in our house, especially since we mainly eat fruit and veggies for snacks in between meals.  I have heard from many people that they don't buy much fresh produce because it's so expensive or that it goes bad too quickly.  Quite frankly, I don't believe that.  I truly believe that fresh produce can be quite economical and if you make a point of eating it then it won't go bad.  
Now the first thing that you have to do is buy produce that is IN SEASON.  This means that you shouldn't buy strawberries in December; buy them in the summer. 
Second, buy local if possible.  Find a farmer's market near you.  We have found a great local farmer's market and the local farmers have great deals!  Last weekend I was able to buy enough produce to last our family of six a week and a half and I only spent fifty dollars!  I was thrilled and I know where our food came from.  ***As a sidenote here, none of these farmers are certified organic but after talking to them I know that they are using clean farming methods.***
Third, find a local Bountiful Baskets.  This is a national produce co-op that has helped save our family a TON of money.  I used them a lot in Dallas and recently found out that there is a pick up five minutes from our new house.  You can chose a conventional basket or an organic basket and then they have different seasonal add ons.  On the weeks that I can't make it to the Farmer's Market I make sure to order a basket through them.  You never know what you are going to get but to me that is half of the fun!  
Last, you can grow your own produce.  This is something that I have tried and failed at for several years.  However, this year my kids are already planning out our garden for Spring.  I am gearing up and hope to have a great little garden set up soon! 


  1. Great idea on farmer markets unless you live in the North where there is no such thing Nov-April.... I buy what I can for fresh veggies and fruits as that is what we have for snacks here,too. Right now, it's oranges,bananas,apples(not the best), romaine, celery, carrots and sometimes cucumbers and sweet peppers.I'm going to check the Bountiful Baskets.

  2. Yes, we are lucky to live in the South where Farmer's Markets are a year round thing. I hope you can find a nearby Bountiful Basket, it has helped us a TON!