Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Grocery Dilemma

When you move 180 miles and stay in the same state you don't expect the cost of living to be that expensive.  However, when that move involves Austin; which my husband and I have decided is a cross between California and Colorado; you tend to get sticker shock. 
To save on space we pretty much ate everything and lived out of the pantry and freezer before we moved.  So that means when we moved in I had some oranges, a little bit of coffee, and some pistachios.  We hit the Farmer's Market first and loved it but were shocked to find eggs going for six dollars a dozen when we had been paying three fifty or a max of four dollars a dozen!  After Farmer's Market we went to the grocery store, apparently it is one of the busiest HEB's in the state, I have decided that it is the largest grocery store ever and my kids and I wandered around with our mouths hanging open.  My mouth dropped open even more when I checked out and was told the grand total!
I have realized that I have two choices, I can either compromise the way we eat so that our food costs go down or I can find effective ways to eat real food without having to rob banks on the side.
Over the course of the next few weeks I will be telling you exactly how I cut our budget and hopefully help you along the way.

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