Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Kids Are Moving

I have read a lot about keeping your kids active but sometimes it's tricky.  When you are trying to get in schoolwork, chores, errands, and everything else marked off of your to do list exercise is the last thing that gets done!  Since I am due in May and we just moved here we decided to not do a team sport for the boys but I have insisted that the kids all stay active. 
First off, I send the kids out in the backyard daily for some sort of fresh air and activity.  This has resulted in many games of tag, soccer, basketball, football, and a combination of all three.  
In the afternoon, we all go out front and the scooters and bikes come out.  This has resulted in us getting to know our neighbors too, which I think is a huge plus!  
My kids also recently tried out a Parkour class and have fallen in love.  My plan had been to not do anything organized until after the baby comes but I'm pretty sure that they will be going back next week.  I am also a bad mom and don't have a single picture to show all of you of my kids jumping off of walls, beams, and swinging from ropes; OOPS!  I loved watching my boys challenge themselves to go just a little bit harder so that they could achieve their goal.  I also laughed as they all complained of sore arms from trying to vault over obstacles and then fell asleep in the car on the way home.  So yes, I'm sure that you will all be hearing about Parkour more in the not so distant future.  Honestly, if I wasn't pregnant I would be trying out a class...
If you are in the Austin area and want to join me, Bam Academy, is a fun place to Parkour.  I even heard that they have classes at a park nearby on Saturday's! 
My goal is to instill a love of movement in each of my kids doing something that they love so that when they are adults they aren't struggling with exercise; I want it to be something that comes natural.  

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