Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting Back To It

Since having Emma I have struggled to get back into a groove. 
She's twelve weeks now and I am just now figuring out a schedule. 
I started with trying to wake up early every morning to workout, that lasted about a day. Then I thought I would workout during nap/ quiet time however that got me behind in schoolwork and I was interrupted by a baby that isn't really into my schedule.  So now I am working out at night. I run a day or two a week and do Pilates or weights a few days a week. I would love to be more consistent BUT that isn't realistic right now. I am eating better than I have ever eaten and honestly that is better than all the workouts in the world. 
I want to run more, I miss early morning workouts but I need sleep more than anything else. As a mom with five kids including a baby they need a well rested mom more than anything else. I have to remind myself of this as I work on balancing out my new schedule. 
What about you?  How is your schedule working out?

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