Monday, September 1, 2014

Farm Life

Farm life has been keeping me busy.  

Besides chores, I'm not really sure what I've been doing.  But somehow, the days go by faster than I can explain =)

We've welcomed 2 litters of rabbits (5 and 6) which brings the total up to 14 now.  But when they're this cute...

You can't help but wanting more =)

Our chickens we hatched this spring are getting so big.  I caught a couple of the new roosters trying to crow the other day- they sound so funny at this point.

And we had a hen hatch out another 6 chicks.  That brings our total up to 33 chickens.  With our ducks, we have 36 birds and more eggs than we know what to do with.

We had to build a new goat pen.  With 5 goats, they were crowding out the chickens in the chicken yard.  

No, we haven't gotten horses (Girly keeps hoping).  These are our neighbors horses.  They have a habit of getting out of their pasture and going around the neighborhood seeing who will feed them.

As the days start getting cooler (ok, not really, but I can hope!) we're starting to plan our fall garden.  We're going to plant mostly cool weather crops and try to winter them over as long as possible.

And with fall fast approaching, we're focusing on the kids lessons again- which they are thrilled about ;)  With the routine of school again, I'm hoping to get more time to write.  That should mean that this blog isn't ignored any more lol!

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