Thursday, December 4, 2014

I'm A Quitter

I've been struggling lately. Perhaps you have noticed in the lack of blogging and Facebook activity, or maybe you were enjoying the silence...
Like I said, I've been struggling. I am supposed to run the Illuminations Half on December 20th in San Antonio. This is supposed to be my first half and as of last week I made the tough call to pull out of the race. I'm somewhat devastated and somewhat relieved.
This wasn't an easy decision, I've lost sleep over it but it's the right decision. 
I have had SEVERE Plantar pain since I had Emma. The kind of pain that causes you to not be able to walk. My chiropractor and I have been working on it, I've bought amazing inserts, I've done exercises for it, and used oils but there were still days that I could not walk comfortably and running was painful. 
I spent all of November sleep deprived because my sweet six month old decided to go on a sleep strike. I also got Strep, threw my back out, and had a two year old with a stomach bug. 
Most importantly though, running became a drag and a chore not something I love. 
After having a nightmare that I was at the race and people were laughing at me for being a DNF so they cut off my legs I decided I was done!
I haven't quit running though! I am leading a C25K group that starts on Saturday and I CAN'T wait!
I have been keeping up with my bootcamp and they have us run a lot but most importantly it's fun, bootcamp really is my first love. 
Will I do a half? I hope so, I've always wanted to complete one but this just isn't the right time. I signed up while I was pregnant so that I wouldn't be a slacker. For some reason I thought that training would be a breeze, HA! I don't really consider this as being a bad thing but just readjusting my goals for what I need right now.
What about you, have you ever had to readjust your goals?


  1. It's really disheartening when our plans fail to fall into place, but we need to accept the reality that things can't always go our way. You've run into a huge obstacle, Freese, and although running might be painful at the moment, listening to your chiropractor's advice, going to your regular checkups and exercising the muscles that need to be trained will definitely get you back on track in no time. I'm rooting for you. All the best! :)

    Derek Sparks @ Forgey Chiropractic