Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whole 30

I decided to do a Whole30 this past month. I thought that it would be pretty easy because we already eat Paleo most of the time. I just needed to clean up my eating a little bit and figure out what was causing some inflammation.
After the first couple of days our whole family got hit by a stomach bug and NOTHING that I normally use to knock out bugs helped. Finally I caved and my husband picked up Saltines and Chicken Soup. I decided to restart my Whole 30 and it's coming up on my final week. The results have been amazing!
I have more energy, am down a pants size, my inflammation is gone, and most importantly I'm not hungry all of the time!
I've been asked by a few clients if I would advise a Whole30 to everybody and my answer may surprise you but, this is not something I would advise to somebody that wasn't ready.

Start with this book, it will help you!

First of all, this is something that eliminates a lot of things for thirty days. If you struggle with rules and guidelines then it won't work for you.
Second of all, Whole30 can be hard the first few weeks so I encourage you to choose when you are going to do it. Mine fell over my daughters birthday weekend so that was rough. Imagine living in Texas, going out for Mexican food and NOT eating chips and salsa.
Third and most importantly, Whole30 is about releasing you from the emotional holds food has on you and healing your body, if you are doing it strictly for weight loss then you are going to struggle. Yes, you might lose weight BUT that's not the point.
All of this being said, I do believe that most if not all people will benefit from a Whole30 it's just about getting your mind right for that thirty days. You also need to make sure that you have a good support group in place.

I will be making my Whole30 a Whole60 so if you want to come along and see what I'm eating you can follow me on Instagram


  1. What exactly is a whole 30? I've gathered that it's healthy eating, but what all does it include?

    1. It's an elimination "diet" for thirty days of no dairy, grains, gluten, sugar, or alcohol.

  2. Whole30 is the program I used three years ago to learn what foods were causing major issues in my body! We should chat sometime about our experiences.