Monday, April 13, 2015


"I have no energy anymore."  "I feel like I'm not enough." "I don't feel like myself anymore."
Can you relate to any of these comments?
These are all things that I hear in almost every coaching session that I have. 
We put so much pressure on ourselves to be and do everything that we end up exhausted, stressed out, overworked, and in a shell of what we once were. 
Slow Down!
Be happy that you are you, and most importantly you are enough. 

It doesn't matter if your friend on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whatever looks perfect. Chances are that she too is struggling with something. 
Go outside and bask in the sunshine. 
Do something "selfish" for yourself. 
Go for a walk. 
Turn up the music and dance. 
Stop running the rat race, get off that wheel and be thankful. 
Go out to dinner. 
Pick up takeout. 
Eat leftovers and don't try to transform them. 
Enjoy life. 
Smell the flowers and be thankful you can. 
Take a nap. 
Ignore the laundry for one day. 
Spend a day without makeup and enjoy how beautiful you were made. 
Put your makeup on differently and have fun. 
You. Are. Enough. Just. Be. Yourself. 

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