Monday, May 4, 2015

Detoxing the Junk

I (Kelli) have lately realized that our family has accumulated too much stuff. I'm struggling to organize and get things put away because stuff is EVERYWHERE! I complain to my husband that I have no clothes to wear and yet there are clothes hanging in my closet, they just don't fit because they are too big or too small. Does this ever happen to you?

After much discussion and debate my husband and I have decided to detox our junk. Basically we are getting rid of anything that we don't use, don't have a home for, or just don't need. We are starting with our closets because it's in the bottom corner and from there we are doing our whole downstairs and then we will go upstairs to the kids rooms.

The more we discuss how we want to live and raise our family the more we have come to realize that our stuff can rule us. This is not how Team Freese wants to live. We want to be out living life not working to live. Adventures are out there waiting to be had; not dusted, sorted, organized, and then sent off in a bag to a donation site.

Through this detox I want to focus on what's important in life. What do we need? In January the word Simplicity kept coming to mind when I was praying about a word for the year. I really felt like I needed to live simply and somehow in the busyness of life I realized that this has been pushed away and I have let life become way more chaotic than I ever wanted. I'm back to focusing on simplicity and enjoying the pleasures of what that looks like.

I can't wait to share my journey with all of you!

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